What age range is playing the most casino games? And why are they doing it?

Did you know? Slot machines are the most popular casino game, when you walk into a casino, they are normally slot machines all around the casino, this is because casinos make most of their money from the slots. In fact, slot machines now make up to 85% of the average casino’s revenue. Why is this though? It’s because slot machines are easy to play and far easier to understand than the average game of Blackjack.

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This infographic also tells you the main reasons why people play games in the casino. People find casino’s entertaining and fun and also a good way to mix and meet other people. As well as that, you could big win.

This infographic also displays the population between men and women and their age range and their percentage. From the infographic, you can clearly see that more men participate and gamble in the casino’s more than women do, however, more women are more likely to play the slot machines more than men, women find slot machines more entertaining and also visually pleasing.

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