Effective Reopening Safety Procedures For Casino Gaming Properties

The world’s leading gambling cities, Las Vegas and Macao, have been put on alert after a deadly virus was linked to some casino goers. This comes as no surprise when you read the headlines on any of the news stations. The virus has killed more people in the past week than ever thought possible, with a total of twenty five people confirmed dead. Most deaths occur in close proximity to the gambling facilities.

So, how can the world’s leading gambling cities protect their guests and staff from what is potentially the worst pandemic since AIDS? Firstly, we need to look at the current procedures in place at each of the casino resorts. Every casino is required to implement procedures which aim to prevent the spread of disease by limiting the number of people that can be exposed to un-authorised secondary sources of contact, such as where guest gamble, and where they dine. The number of workers in any given casino is also limited to a certain number of personnel including the security staff, control room employees and chef/waiter staff. Any information that could assist in the transmission of the deadly virus should be restricted.

As far as the casino gaming is concerned, these safety measures are implemented by instructing staff not to allow outside parties into the premises, as well as not allowing all guests to gamble. The most effective way to do this is to create a perimeter around the casino seating and gaming areas and to establish a ‘No View’ sign. Guests should also be instructed to report to their designated meeting point any time that they come into contact with another person who they believe is a guest. Guests who fail to comply with these instructions are subject to disciplinary action under the company’s policy. Temporary suspension of services may also be applied, depending on the gravity of the breach. Suspended gaming hours and other inconveniences are usually a result of some form of negligence.

In addition to ensuring that no guest is allowed to gamble, other safety measures are put into place in order to minimize the risk of any disease spreading within the premises. All workers must be provided with safe working environment, wearing the correct protective clothing and equipment. All materials that could potentially be used for gambling, as well as all chemicals and cleaning products used in the cleaning process must be stored in approved storage containers. All personnel must be familiar with emergency procedures, and health officials will visit the casino site at regular intervals in order to monitor the progress of the cleaning process and to check the health and safety of guests.

All tables used in casino gaming must be properly cleaned, and all surfaces cleaned using temperature screening. Each table is required to have a seat that does not have any loose or torn cushions or backstitching, as these are potential carriers of deadly materials. As part of its safety protocols, casinos require that all tablecloths and napkins be cleaned using only non-toxic materials and with utmost care. All cleaning materials used must be completely disinfected with alcohol.

As part of its efforts to keep guests healthy, casino owners have implemented measures that involve both physical and chemical hazards. These safety measures are designed to limit the number of people who come into contact with the building’s property and to limit the amount of times that harmful substances can be splashed on the floor. These efforts have ensured that casino reopening goes off without a hitch.